Company FIALIFT GmbH is a direct successor of Ing. Ivan Fiala, whose best traditions have been written since 1997, is connected. Although the name and extension of the company's management have changed, all business activities are the same as in the original company.

Long tradition and experience

„We are a Czech company that has been operating in the market for 16 years. This gives us valuable experience from a plethora of projects.“

The continuous development and innovation

„We aim to keep up with current requirements and trends in the industry, and that's why we are constantly working on upgrading our products and upgrading the whole menu.“

Individual approach

„We emphasize an individual approach to the client. In addition to standard systems that have many years of development, we are able to design and implement the most appropriate solution for your current requirements. Our goal is customer satisfaction.“



Obránců míru 724/38
690 06

IČO: 293 15 034
DIČ: CZ29315034

Date of entry in the Commercial Register: April 20, 2012